All it takes is one person to change your life

It’s amazing how quickly your mood can change, how deep your heart can sink and how much one person can affect you.

It’s crazy because like in the title above, it does really only take one person to change your life, I learnt that recently. Sometimes it’s upsetting because you may not see that person again but sometimes that’s just what happens. So I met someone in Tunisia on holiday, a lovely man called Ayoub (nicknamed Bobo). He worked as part of the entertainment in the hotel. Unintentionally he made me realise my worth, he made me realise who I really am deep down and he made me truly happy and confident, my biggest regret was that I couldn’t thank him, but it’s not like that can be changed now, all I can do is hope I see him again so I can thank him. The first point I’m trying to make here is that dont wait to say something, because you may not get another chance to. He was everything you would hope for someone to be like, he was genuinely nice without fail, always made me laugh, the most I have ever laughed in a while and never over stepped the mark into creepyness, he would say – did you like it. No I may not see him again, but I’m not gonna let how he changed me go to waste. He sparked something in me and I’m not going to let this fade away, I can’t or what he done would mean nothing. Sometimes the smallest act of kindness can really change a person, we meet people for a reason, whether it is a one time thing or not, everything happens for a reason. We can’t forget how everyone has changed us, because everything they have done to change us unintentionally shapes us into who we are, helps us realise who we are. Once we realise who we are, that is when we reach the pinnacle of our own happiness.